We are Disapearing for a while dont despair we will be right back with a fab New website

Morning all

Hope you are all well, and enjoying a wet Wednesday! Yeah right…I’m with you on that one!
Okay, so today is an important one for me…and a tricky one too, so here we go with the announcement.
Today our website is going to disapear! Yup, vanish, be gone from sight, invisible to the human eye. BUT! Don’t worry, it will be back very very VERY soon (we hope fingers crossed all goes to plan, gulp!). But not like before, shiny, new, brand new, funky and cool, up to date, revamped, reworked, better…well we think so.
So, a little patience please while we go offline and migrate the new site into place, hopefully it won’t be too long, but this is technology we are talking about here, and you know, anything can happen!
Thanks for your patience, understanding, bewilderment at our fabulousness and all that gooey stuff
See you all again very soon!
Oh..and when the new site goes live…there will be an important must read statement posted too! see, I told you you were lucky didn’t I…you lucky lucky things you :-)

First Wedding Anniversary congratulations

Congratulations today to Louise and Will Smith on their first wedding anniversary.



Have a great day.

Best wishes

Courtenay x

Eastbury Hotel Sherborne Dorset Wedding of Sam & Gary – Inspiration Board

Some of Sam & Gary’s Dorset wedding details …


wedding inspiration board


P.S. Don’t forget, if you want to be notified when Sam & Gary’s complete online wedding album goes live, preregister your details here – Eastleigh Hotel Wedding